"Precious and Rare, More Tortoise than Hare"

Petite Galleria

Petite Galleria exists as a tiny jewel, showing the world that it isn’t about size or quantity, but rather how things are done.

It supports a way of life where artists create in inspiration with time and care,

and it is a place where one can count on finding truly unique treasures,

where the words “one of a kind” can apply.

In a world rife with mass produced junk, sweat shop glamor and disposable fads,

Petite Galleria is a direct line to nurturing committed artists on their path.


"The Petite Galleria mascot is the celestial tortoise. Like the old fable about the tortoise and the hare, I believe that little steps in the right direction are what count the most and should win the "race" in the end. The right direction... meaning people should be held before profits. The spirit of how a gift is made is part of the gift! Imperfections from the human hand make it more perfect! Small batch, slow, community centered, eco-conscious, quality laden, unique expressions! 


 Also, I believe that all creative enterprises start with a vision...like starlight, and that the dreams are woven into reality day by day, inch by inch. That's why there is a constellation built into Petite Galleria's tortoise logo. I imagine the artist in the dreaming phase...everything wonderful starts with imagination, and the tortoise is the climb towards making something real and tangible.


This shop is developed thoughtfully at a slow pace, celebrating things done on a small scale, by unique individuals. I like working with artists that love what they do and have figured out a way to share their creations with the world in a conscious way. A true gift should be made by someone who loves what they do. Imagine if everything in the world was like that? 

-April G

Petite Galleria features:

Handcrafted jewelry,  

with some works that feature elements that can never be produced more than once

(vintage, antique, or one-of a kind)

Uniquely designed Greeting Cards, Art Prints, and fine Stationery

(mostly a selection of our awesome local artists!)

High Quality Eco Products for the Healthy Home! 


Sumptuous Self Care that emphasizes All Natural, Organic, and Small Batch Artisan made!


Award Winning Chocolate 


A Selection of Fine Organic Teas only available at Petite Galleria


T-Shirts and Apparel cut, sewn, and designed in the United States.

Up-cycled, Vintage, and One of a kind Fashion, to defeat the disposable culture with style!

Utilitarian Art designed by Artists we can call on the phone.

Unique Gifts that spark joy and inspire creativity


This is me. April G, aka  CONTAINHER. I'm the owner of this tiny establishment. I am a local artist and composer.


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