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Gold Painted Wooden Box with Hand Drawn and Painted Tongue

Length: 5.5 Inches; Width: 3 Inches; Height: 3.5  Inches


Lose Thy Tongue

The Lose Thy Tongue box wants to be closed and fight to stay so. For the box knows that it can take just one word said or left unsaid that can turn the tide.  It takes one sentence to lose a happily ever after or to save one soul. The line between the two are faint and thin and it takes one moment to lose thyself and thy tongue.


This is a beautiful hand crafted wooden box with a hand painted tongue in acrylic and resin. No compartments.


It can be used in countless ways. Perfect for keeping your most sacred possessions and the size is perfect for a gift. 

"Lose Thy Tongue" Box by Leeonnista

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