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Acrylic and Spray Paint on wood in Handmade wood frame

Height: 3 feet

Width: 6 inch 

Length: 2 feet



"We were Entangled in each others embrace, lost in the warmth that came from our bodies, we had fallen in the spaces between us that we were desperately trying to fill."-Leeonista


This art piece is an original painting that will create intrigue and energy in any space it inhabits. Its rich colors, sultry feel and tantalizing imagery definitely make it a statement piece. Its contrasting and vibrant colors and bold sensuality in the style of modern pop art is not for the faint of heart. 


This original work spurned smaller works in a series by Leeonista. 



Leonnista is a Bay Area Artist(San Jose) who cherishes the weird, the different, the uncommon, and searches for the strings that bind us all together.

She says about her art: "In the immortal age of technology and digital manipulation, I wanted to create a physical version of truth you can hold in your hands in this moment in time."

Entangled (mixed media on wood) by Leeonnista

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