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Mixed Media Original Lacquered Collage on Stained Wooden Box by Leeonnista

Length: 5.75 inches; Width: 5 inches; Height: 3 .25 inches


"Eternity "

There is life, death and something else ....... ethereal. A thing we struggle as a species to articulate that lives on the fringes of our minds. This unknown thing, the deepest  abyss, sacred and unyeilding, we it called Eternity. 


we all deserve a sacred place for our sacred treasures. 


This handcrafted box is so beautiful that you might forget it can be useful!  
Perfect for keeping your most sacred possessions, from a loved one's remains to loved jewelery, or photos.



Leonnista is a Bay Area Artist(San Jose) who cherishes the weird, the different, the uncommon, and searches for the strings that bind us all together.

She says about her art: "In the immortal age of technology and digital manipulation, I wanted to create a physical version of truth you can hold in your hands in this moment in time."

Eternity(Mixed Media Wooden Vessel) by Leeonnista

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