41% milk chocolate, tamari almonds, pink sea salt


Tasting Notes: Blanched almonds soaked in tamari soy sauce and roasted give a touch of umami while pink terracotta sea salt give a salty/sweet combo.


This bar is inspired by the first emperor of China who used harsh tactics to unite the feuding states of China. His commissioned life sized terracotta soldiers to defend him in the afterlife are famous around the world.


Winner of 1st place for 'Best New Product' at 2010 San Francisco Chocolate Salon.


Mindy Fong is the owner and chocolatier of Jade Chocolates based in San Francisco, CA. Mindy draws from her passion and roots in Asia for inspiration for her award winning confections.

41% "Terracotta" Almonds + Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar by Jade Chocolates

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