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Since 1885 Nicholson's has made these unique watercolor pigment sheets by hand using proprietary, non-toxic formulas handed down from generation to generation in a family business.


One thing I especially appreciate about these unique watercolor pigment papers is the variety offered in the skin tone ranges... so it was lovely to find out they decided to create a set dedicated to just those! Remember that each paper is highly pigmented, so do cut a bit of the paper and place it in water or knowingly apply to your water pool and test before you hit the paper! These special watercolors were originally designed to colorize black and white photos and are still made with the exact same historic processes.


This Pack Features the following Pigment Sheets:

Lip Smackin' Pink

Ripe Peach

Blush Rose Pink


Cadmium Yellow

Yellow Ochre

Make Up

Carnation Pink

Warm Sepia

Bismark Brown



Nicholson’s Peerless Watercolor Papers -Expressive Facetones

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