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Transparent watercolor pigment originally formulated to colorize black and white photos are still made the same way by the same family, passing down the business from generation to generation. The color set is a unique one, with hues that can get incredibly vivid if taken directly from the paper sheets... or muted to subtler layers in dilutions of water. Descriptions of each color and how to apply them are still intact from the original days, and I wouldn’t compare them to any watercolors that you’re used to, as they feel and color differently. The packet is a fun one, it’s just nice to carry a piece of history in your hands and as a travel set with a watercolor brush. Very gift-able and appreciated by creatives.


The Complete Edition Set is the first set ever created in 1885. The 15 colors have not varied over time. They are packaged in a paper bound booklet that contains old English color descriptions and painting tips as originally printed in 1902.

The colors include: Brilliant Yellow, Deep Yellow, Orange Yellow, Flesh Tint, Geranium Pink, Japonica Scarlet, Royal Crimson, Mahogany Brown, Sepia Brown, Light Green, Dark Green, Deep Blue, Sky Blue, Wistaria Violet and Pearl Gray.

Nicholson's Peerless Watercolor Papers - Complete Edition by Nicholson’s

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