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Xun aka Haizii trained with a master of the craft of making incense using age old practices from China and has brought a premium product to the Bay Area where she thrives as a ceramicist, designer, and maker of impeccable things. 


What makes this incense extra special is that there are no chemical additives or binders, and it burns so cleanly that it doesn't hurt the eyes or lungs as much as your typical variety of incense, which makes for a much more peaceful meditation session. 


In China, different incenses are burned for different parts of life...almost like music, to pair with the rituals of studying, eating dinner, and spiritual practices. 


Each stick burns for approximately 20 minutes in such a high quality state that the incense curls upon itself as it burns.


The different options: 

Oolong : Handmade from premium and all natural Oolong tea leaves, Agarwood, and Nanmu wood. (30 sticks)


Oud: Handmade from premium and all natural Agarwood and Nanmu wood (30 sticks)


Sandalwood : Handmade from premium and all natural Sandalwood and Nanmu wood (25 sticks) 



Premium All Natural Handmade Incense (25-30 sticks) in Oolong/ Oud/Sandlewood

Excluding Sales Tax
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