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A hand-formed diamond-shaped copper hoop frames a deep purple pressed ranunculus petal and copper dangles in this elegant opera-length pendant necklace. Length: ~26” chain, 3.75” drop The pressing process preserves the plant materials and the sealant protects them from exposure to the elements.

IMPRESSED by nature evolved organically from a desire to preserve the beauty of nature in a wearable form. An elementary teacher by trade, Kyla has been creating pressed flower jewelry since the summer of 2011. She has always loved creating with her hands, including a thriving vegetable and flower garden in her backyard in Oakland, CA. Kyla has had a deep love for flowers from a very young age and she finds immeasurable joy in working with plants each day.


IMPRESSED by nature's goal is to preserve the brief, wondrous life of a plant, in a simple and stylish way that allows botanical sublimity to speak for itself.

Purple Ranunculus Diamond Hoop Necklace by Impressed by Nature

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