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Size: 11"x14.5", green/pink is edition 12/71; blue pink is editioned. The paper is thick archival qualitty paper. Signed by the artist in pencil for authenticity.


Reading is so important to grow your creativity. Once you open a book, you will dive into a creative sea to explore the different world. This poster is meant to encourage kids and adults to read books and admire how awesome reading time is.

This poster was hand screen printed at Western New York Book Arts Center.


(For the printing nerd: Per Harumo, "The font was actually printed with letterpress technique. I scanned printed fonts and made screen print positives. Three layers were applied.")


Harumo Sato is one of San Jose's most well loved artists. Her colorful designs and illustrations are filled with a sweet and playful sensibility.

Read Books Feed Imagination Screen Print by Harumo Sato

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