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Chidoriya's three-layer organic cotton + silk cloth offers a breathable, gentle cleanse for the skin. First, the top layer is woven to create a 'toothing' effect that makes it effective for removing make-up and dirt from the skin. The natural silk threads are twisted to make one thread for a fluffy and gentle finish.


The result of this process is that the cloth has a much smoother feel on the skin. Made from GOTS standard organic cotton with a new bio (enzyme) refining process, it is totally worry free, chemical free, and gentle enough for sensitive skin. Recommended for use with Chidoriya Cleansing Balm. Wash the facial cloth with soap and water after using, and hang to dry. 


Chidoriya is based in Brooklyn, New York. One of the first all natural, small batch brands, founded  in 1989 by Japanese American make-up artist Tomomi Horikiri on traditional Japanese recipes as used by Geishas. Tomomi  In her many years as a makeup artist, realized that many allergic reactions and skin problems were caused by synthetic ingredients, and so one day she said: " I can make skin care products that are 100% natural and organic using Japanese traditional ingredients with a twist." She continues her research based on the philosophy that cosmetic ingredients should be almost the same as what we eat!


Three Layer Organic Cotton + Silk Wash Cloth by Chidoriya

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