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Thirty years ago the town of Black Rock was nearly destroyed by a fire. The arsonist, teenager Jacob Crowe, has kept the truth behind the blaze a secret... until now.

The lone survivor of a fire that took his brother and father, Jacob is unable to forgive himself for leaving his family to die. It is only when he discovers his friend Andrew Danner is something more than human that Jacob sees a way toward redemption. But for Andrew, the life of hero risks exposing his secrets to the world, leading him to question his humanity.

Together, Andrew and Jacob will begin a dark journey that leads them from the boys they are, to the men they will become; revealing that the difference between heroes and villains are the lines you’re willing to cross.

Written by award-winning novelist Adam Lance Garcia with art by newcomer Heidi Black, SONS OF FIRE is a dark reimagining of the origin of the superhero, exploring the ambiguity of morality and the violent price of power.


Because when evil isn’t black and white, even heroes will burn.


Heidi Black is a full time illustrator and comic artist currently based in Ohio. Her works range from colorful illustrations, comic and graphic novel work, to typography.

“Sons of Fire” Volume 1 Graphic Novel by Heidi Black and Adam Lance Garcia

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