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These multi-layered ‘bouquet’ earrings include pink zinnias, blue delphiniums, and white queen anne’s lace flowers as well as cream and gold glass beads. The pressing process preserves the plant materials and the sealant protects them from exposure to the elements.


3.25" from top of earwire

IMPRESSED by nature evolved organically from a desire to preserve the beauty of nature in a wearable form. An elementary teacher by trade, Kyla has been creating pressed flower jewelry since the summer of 2011. She has always loved creating with her hands, including a thriving vegetable and flower garden in her backyard in Oakland, CA. Kyla has had a deep love for flowers from a very young age and she finds immeasurable joy in working with plants each day.


IMPRESSED by nature's goal is to preserve the brief, wondrous life of a plant, in a simple and stylish way that allows botanical sublimity to speak for itself.

Zinnia + Delphinium + Queen Anne’s Lace Bouquet Earringsby Impressed by Nature

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