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$28 instore or local pick up, $32 includes shipping out. 


This is the kind of olive oil you save to finish your italian dishes, to drizzle over heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzerella. You will really taste the fresh olives! This makes a perfect gift for a dinner party or a treat for your own home. 


Within hours of picking, the olives are pressed to capture a freshness that is so distinctive. You'd be hard "pressed" to find a better tasting olive oil.


Ancient Olive Trees Olive Oil is a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is blended to meet a distinct taste profile. The California-created olive oil is composed of a  blend of early harvest Arbequina and Arbosana olives.


Each varietal is taste tested to ensure tree-to-table exceptional quality. The unique bottle design enhances any countertop and maintains superior freshness by filtering exposure to sunlight.  

Ancient Olive Trees - Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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