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These Blue Gems are subtly faceted on the edges into gem shapes from locally sourced clay. After their first heat bath in the kiln, they are drenched with a glaze that is allowed to melt in the final firing. The result is a shiny, deep blue that sparkles in the light, accented by the facets of it's natural clay coloring. All studs come on 925 sterling silver posts.


Carly Slade works in collaboration with her friend Meghan, founders of Slade Goods. We discovered her as she was just completing her masters degree in Fine Art Ceramics at San Jose State University. She has great style and started making these stud earrings for herself and her friends when she realized that so many earrings in stores these days are utterly boring. Because each stud is made by hand and hand lustered, a pair of her earrings is completely unique. 

Blue Gem Ceramic Earrings by Carly Slade

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