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Mixed Media, Hand-painted, print transfer on 4" x 6" woodblock. transfer 5 of 6.


Kelly’s Editions are made using a combination of all areas of her talent. She utilizes drawing, painting and print making collage. Every piece is made with care and each piece goes through several layers of hand applied process. Kelly uses acrylic paint, image transfer and gel medium. She will also hand distress each piece to give it that “retro” look. These "prints" are made with materials that will withstand the conditions of a well ventilated bathroom.


Kelly’s “Date Night” series is inspired by Norman Rockwell’s paintings entitled “Getting Ready For the Date”.


She explores the different possibilities of imagery that are created when people are grooming themselves in the mirror. The series started out as 3 self portraits then grew from there. It is an ever expanding series as more and more friends, acquaintances and family volunteer to pose for Kelly in the mirror.


Kelly is from Toronto, Canada. 

Date Night 25 by Kelley Grace

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