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Death Blooms Series ll

Mixed Media Original Collage on Black Lacquered Wooden Box by Leeonnista

Length: 7.5 Inches; Width: 5.5 Inches; Height: 2 Inches


Death Blooms

"Our eyes have been opened like never before that death blooms all around us. Everyday there is confusion and chaos reigns. We watch the tidal wave of death as it rises and our solitude leaves us with only ourselves, acutely aware of every light snuffed out and every moment wasted in the pursuit of the illusion that is capitalism.


Remember the ever looming shawdow of time, remember to be thankful, to help others, to be brave and to be kind and most important of all to choose love.

For at every moment, Death Blooms." - Leeonista


we all deserve a sacred place for our sacred treasures. 


This handcrafted box is so beautiful that you might forget it can be useful!  
Perfect for keeping your most sacred possessions, from a loved one's remains to loved jewelery, or photos.



Leonnista is a Bay Area Artist(San Jose) who cherishes the weird, the different, the uncommon, and searches for the strings that bind us all together.

She says about her art: "In the immortal age of technology and digital manipulation, I wanted to create a physical version of truth you can hold in your hands in this moment in time."

Death Blooms (Mixed Media Wooden Vessel) by Leeonnista

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