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San Jose's very own Dada Cellist, Freya Seeburger aka Cellista released an evocative, and highly textured album earlier this year (2016) in homage to her experience thriving as an artist in San Jose. The Album cover art was created by SJ Visual artist Tulio Flores.


Freya is a cellist/composer who has contributed to countless musical projects in the Bay Area. Fittingly, in this solo album, she incorporated a variety of collaborators expertly woven into her tracks..among which include beatboxer Emcee Infinite, hip hop artist DEM ONE, and composer/performer Rykarda Parasol. Track titles like "St. James Park", and a "Conversation at Trials" unveil a special experience for the locals that know these places well and are able to imagine them with Freya's sonic storytelling which is very musical and yet embraces the rough hewn edges of the experimental as well...crackling with a patchwork of collected sound samples from the streets of her hometown. 




Physical Signed Album -CD

14 Tracks


Finding San Jose by Cellista (Physical, Signed Album)

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