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Made by Marou, Hailed by the New York Time's Style Guide as "The Best Chocolate You've Never tasted"  


A full bodied chocolate with notes of smokey spices and honey, made from fine flavor cacao grown by Cho Gao Cooperative farmers in Vietnam's Mekong Delta. The deep, fruity notes come entirely from the Vietnamese Trinitario cocoa beans. This is an intense bar but it's a chocolate that anyone can enjoy, made entirely from pod to bar by Marou's expatriate chefs turned chocolate makers...bringing french flaire to a distinct vietnamese flavor in chocolate that most have never tried before, a very smoothly textured, beautifully stamped wafer of a mini bar. (24g)

INGREDIENTS, are simply:  cacao nibs, sugar, coconut powder, cacao butter 



   Marou spent its early years scouring the Vietnamese countryside for great cacao. In trial and error, many wonderful characters and got lost in extraordinary places. The adventure came to include budding engineers, old soldiers and die-hard pastry chefs. A curious taste for chocolate drew them all into Marou’s tent. 

    Marou’s chocolate has a particular complexity and variability, because unlike most chocolate makers, they can create theirs from beans they select at the source. This means they have control of everything, from farm to bar.

Marou Tien Giang 70% So Co La Den Single Origin Mini Bar

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