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Originally from Africa, these red berries alter one's tastebuds by blocking our sour receptors for 20 minutes! It's an all natural berry that has no side-effects and has been recently deemed a "flavor trip" especially interesting when paired with very very sour fruits and foods! The experience is unforgettable and a fun one to share with family or friends.


Get your tasting experience ready by slicing some lemons, grabbing a handful of sour raspberries, perhaps some salt and vinegar potato chips and yogurt ready....try the foods without and then let the freeze dried miracle berry melt on your tongue for a whole new tasting! It doesn't taste as if you've added sugar to any of these foods, but you'll taste a natural sweetness in them that you've never experienced. These M Berries are now being grown in Florida and especially being marketed to diabetics as a fun way to experience a "treat" that is sugar free by simply pairing the m-berry with anything sour. This packet comes with a cute little "flavor trip ticket" inside to help prepare for the experience, should you give it as a gift. And it makes for a perfect gift! 


Miracle Berry 10 Pack

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