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Petite Galleria’s Celestial Tortoise is a reminder to follow your dreams steadfastly, even in the slowest and tiniest steps if that’s what it takes! Gold Embossed G.Lalo fine French die cut deckle cardstock(7), Rich and velvety Fabriano Medeovialis Paper (7) and tissue lined envelopes (set of 7). Specify any customizations you would like if you’d like to add 15 characters in Times New Roman, a name or initials, mr & mrs _?




300g laid finished card stock (7)


Tissue lined envelopes with perfectly crisp texture (7)
3.75" x 6"


Fabriano Mediovalis 4 x 6" (7) 


G. Lalo has been creating the finest Parisian Social Stationery since 1920.

Throughout the years, the quality and elegance of its products led it to be "de rigueur" in most of the royal courts of Europe. When pleasure or etiquette requires the best in matters of correspondence, invitation, or simply, writing, Lalo papers are the perfect selection.


Medioevalis is a high quality mould-made paper produced in Fabriano since 1904. Card with four deckle edges hand trimmed from watermarked sheets. 

Petite Galleria Deluxe Fine Note Set (Custom)

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