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A fabulous single origin inclusion bar w sourdough and seasalt, a combination in chocolate that arose from a chocolate making company that also bakes bread! A combination that I don't think I've seen anywhere else! The quality of the chocolate is fantastic, smooth and fudgey and the sourdough makes it seem almost like a breakfast bar even though there are no clear chunks of sourdough, just a seamless and crumbless integration into a lovely texture.  This would go so well with a morning coffee!  MUST TRY!


20 g Mini Bar



Pump Street Bakery, from Suffolk England, is known for their passionate attention to detail with bread and pastry, and has shifted this same passion and dedication to small batch, handmade chocolate. Using only family farms and cooperatives across the world, Pump Street selects only the finest, high-quality beans and tailors each batch of chocolate to offer the most delicious and satisfying chocolate experience. By maintaining small batches and customizing the chocolate making process to each batch, the results are truly outstanding. Choose from single origin bars from across the globe and bars with added ingredients that are both unexpected and transcendent. Keep an eye on this brand, the quality of these bars are going to make waves.



Pump Street Sourdough & Sea Salt 66% Mini Single Origin(Ecuador, Hacienda Limon

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