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Raw Honey from The SF Peninsula spun into a creamy whip with Chai Spices makes for an absolute show stopper of a treat. This honey tastes amazing on toast points with almond butter, or served on the side of good cheese. A spoon of this spiced honey will liven up anything, it's absolutely wonderful!  When I tried it for the first time, I ended up eating a whole jar in a week. Raw keeps the enzymes, micro nutrients and pollen available to help the body through seasonal allergies. So treat yourself to a spoon of raw honey and support a local artisan(Catherine Fraley) who cares deeply about the bees while you're at it!


This jar holds 4 oz of amazing wildflower honey, gently harvested in Winter 2020.



Raw Spun Spiced Honey by Coastal Bee Honey (4oz)

SKU: CBHoney#03
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