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Red Dress (Caffeine Free)


Red Dress is the Belle of the Ball!

This elegant Premium Rooibos absolutely steals hearts and can be steeped and re-steeped over and over to all hues of garnet and still taste lovely! The freeze dried berreis and the rose petals envelop the already gorgeous Rooibos that alone would've knocked your socks off. 


This is a tea that really tastes as wonderful as it looks and, unlike other berry teas, does not feature the pungent no! This tea is a top seller in the shop, so well loved by so many! And, a reminder, that for something so rich and fancy tasting, it has no can drink it all night! Even just a pinch of sweetener and it is an actual dessert. 



All of our teas were blended specifically for Petite Galleria by shop owner April working with tea connoisseur Will Otero(former chef who has been working in tea for 30 years formulating blends for big brands and for his own beautiful tea shop, Leland Tea in Burlingame, Ca).  Will is so in love with his work that he has an entire tattooed arm sleeve of all of his ingredients, and it's gorgeous! 


Always Organic. Never synthetic flavorings or additives. Just the best quality and an Artful Blend! 



Typically, one oz will make 10-15 6 oz cups of tea, depending on how strong you like it. Our 30 servings is on the conservative side in will probably get more from this tin.)


If you are a local near Petite Galleria, you can return the empty tin for a discount on your next tea purchase. We'll give you a voucher to use online or instore.

"Red Dress" Organic Rooibos Tea Blend L(30 serving tin)

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