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This lovely cloth can serve multiple purposes. First of all, the beautiful sacred geometry of the "Flower of Life" pattern is both aesthetically appealing, soothing, and a reminder that one is whole, complete and infinite all at the same time. It is a wonderful addition to your space as a mandala to facilitate meditation, an empowering crystal grid, or as a decorative wall hanging or table linen. 


Bay Area maker Diana Pham says that she uses it in meditation. She takes hers to the beach, sets up actual elements found in nature on the grid...and then sets it beside her as she relaxes, meditates or even while she takes a nap. After meditation, she returns the found elements back to nature and leaves, refreshed and invigorated with clarity of purpose. 


What is a crystal grid? A crystal grid is a geometric arrangement of crystals that is empowered with your intention and focus. Once arranged, the metaphysical properies of the crystals are magnified and they harmonize synergistically to help mainfest the intent of the user. 


How can this be used for meditation? The flower of life cloth can be used as a focusing tool. Simply focus on the Flower of Life and take in its image. Contemplate its meaning. If your mind wanders during meditation, gently bring your focus back to the image. 


The Flower of Life Pattern has been found in ancient civilizations all over the world. It is a sacred geometrical design that is a visual representation of creation itself and therefore a powerful symbol to use for creating and manifesting in your own life. 


100% Cotton

Woven in South Carolina

Designed, Cut and Sewn in San Jose, California by Diana Pham aka "Alooco" (Alooco is Diana's spirit animal...the tawny owl)





Sacred Geometry Cloth by Diana Pham

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