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A precious blend of mild clays, coconut milk, rosehips and botanicals for skin soothing and softening properties leaving your skin fresh and pampered. Delicate and mild, pink clay, white clay and coconut milk combat sensitivities, irritations, and dryness. rosehips powder, lavender flowers, geranium essential oil and lavender essential oil calm inflammation while healing and reviving dullness.



mix 1/2 tsp of "BABYDOLL" powder with liquid of your choice for desired consistency. apply onto clean face and let dry. rinse, moisturize + smile.



white kaolin clay, pink kaolin clay, *rosehips powder, *coconut milk powder, *lavender flower powder, *geranium essential oil, lavender essential oil. *organic


Franziska & Betti Immel, sisters and co-founders, launched Vana Body January of 2016.  Vana Body aims to cultivate a line of beautifully designed, thoughtfully sourced, simplified + luxurious skin-nurturing goods.

"Babydoll" Face Mask by Vana Body

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