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This bandana is not only super unique, it's super cute and super gender-neutral!

Hand-sewn with soft, poly-cotton jersey and hand screenprinted with an original woodgrain design, this bib keeps nature close to your baby's wardrobe! The bandana bib style allows for baby to have a clothing item that is both a functionally absorbent outfit-saver and a fashionable accessory! The bib comes on and off easily with plastic snap fasteners with two adjustable sizes, perfect for newborns to older babies! Even furbabies rock this look!


This bib measures about 7" tall with a maximum neck size of about 11".


Made in Fullerton California by Tawny McCann who calls her DIY business "Quiet Doing" in honor of the quiet hours of crafting. 

Wood Grain Bandana Bib by Quiet Doing

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